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Flashback Weekend's Angel Fan Event
Featuring David Boreanaz and KANE in Concert
May 14-16, 2004

In May 2004, just days before the ANGEL series finale aired, Flashback Weekend presented a major ANGEL Fan event. Our special guest of honor was David Boreanaz (Angel himself!). David signed autographs, posed for photos with fans, greeted attendees at a special cocktail reception, and even introduced the band KANE at the Pickwick Theatre! David was charming, gracious, and a wonderful guest. David’s Flashback Weekend appearance was made all the more special as it was his only such US convention appearance EVER!

ANGEL magazine described our convention line-up as “Wolfram and Hart Chicago Branch”. In addition to David Boreanaz, our guest line-up included Christrian Kane (“Lindsey”) and Stephanie Romanov (“Lilah”) from “ANGEL”. Also featured was Elizabeth Anne Allen (“Amy the Witch” from BUFFY), Camden Toy (A lead “Gentleman” from BUFFY’s classic episode “HUSH” and many other creatures on “BUFFY” and “ANGEL”), and Charles Cyphers (“Coach Marin” from the BUFFY episode “GO FISH”).

The event also featured Christian Kane and his country-rock band KANE in concert. We are proud to be the first ANGEL/BUFFY event convention to ever book KANE, and the ONLY United States convention to bring in the entire band KANE for an amazing concert. To give KANE the proper venue to perform in, we booked the 1,400 seat Pickwick Theatre, and KANE really ROCKED the place! For the finale “SWEET HOME ALABAMA”, KANE was joined on stage by David Boreanaz, his wife Jamie Bergman (“SON OF THE BEACH”), Stephanie Romanov, and Riley Smith (“24”).

Our very special thanks go out to David Boreanaz, KANE, the celebrity guests, and attendees for making the weekend such a special and a once in a lifetime event.

2004 Buffy Event Photos

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