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Guests for Flashback Weekend Horro'Rama 2005


Bruce Campbell

Best known as the star of the Evil Dead films, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and, last year, Bubba Ho-Tep; author of If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor.

Actor, author, director and Minor Cult Diety, the cultural phenomenon known as Bruce Campbell will be on hand for FBW'05! He's got a new book (How to Make Love the Bruce Cambell Way) and a new movie (Man with the Screaming Brain) - come out and see what else Bruce has been up to!

Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi is the youngest of the three Raimi brothers and one sister. The middle brother is the famous Sam Raimi; producer, director, actor, screenwriter, and co-founder of Renaissance Pictures.

Ted got the acting bug as a child when he would appear as an extra in Sam's early Super-8 and feature films (including Sam's first hit The Evil Dead). Ted earned his SAG card playing the possessed Henrietta in “EVIL DEAD 2”.

Ted then went on to appear in many film and televison roles including “SHOCKER”, “DARKMAN”, “CANDYMAN”, “SKINNER”, “ALIEN NATION”, and “TWIN PEAKS”. Ted is probably best know for his recurring roles on seaQuest DSV (later seaQuest 2032) as Lt. Tim O'Neill, and Xena: Warrior Princess as Joxer The Mighty.

The ultimate Ted-spotting flick is Army of Darkness (a.k.a. Evil Dead III) in which Ted takes on at least four minor roles.

Most recently, Ted can be seen in “THE GRUDGE”, and “SPIDERMAN 1 + 2”.


Evil Dead Cast Reunion

The entire cast of “THE EVIL DEAD” (except for those two guys who were alongside the road in the beginning of the film named Sam and Rob). You all know their names, but we’ll print them here anyway; (left to right) Bruce Campbell as Ash, Betsy Baker as Linda, Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl, Hal Delrich (aka Rich Demanicor) as Scotty, and Sarah York (aka Theresa Tilly) as Shelly.

Friday night the cast (along with special effects master Tom Sullivan, right) will take to the stage at the Flashback Weekend Drive-In to introduce a 35mm screening of a restored print of “THE EVIL DEAD” (courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment). Don’t miss this rare opportunity to watch the “The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror” under the stars on a HUGE 20’ x 40’ Drive-In screen!

House of 1000 Corpses Retrospective

Bill Moseley

In Rob Zombie’s “HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES” (2003), Bill Moseley turns in a classic performance as the charismatic, yet vicious psychopath Otis B. Driftwood. We are looking forward to the return of Otis in the eagerly awaited sequel “THE DEVIL’S REJECT’S” (2005).

In addition to his work with Rob Zombie, Chicago’s very own Bill Moseley has also worked with Tobe Hooper (as “Chop-Top”) in “TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2”, and for Sam Raimi in “ARMY OF DARKNESS”. He also played Johnny (“They’re coming to get you Barbara”) in “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” (1990), Additional Horror genre appearances include “THE BLOB” (1988), “SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 3”, and “CRASH AND BURN”.

Bill also supplies lead vocals (as “CHOP-TOP”) for “CORNBUGS”. You can visit the “CORNBUGS” website at www.cornbugs.com ). We are happy to have Bill back for his third Flashback Weekend appearance.

Sid Haig

As Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s “HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES”, Sid delivers a larger-than-life performance. This scene-stealing performance is, however, only one genre film role in a career in film and television which spans 40 years.

Sid has appeared with Lon Chaney in “SPIDER BABY”, Pam Grier in many 70’s exploitation flicks including “THE BIG DOLL HOUSE” and “THE BIG BIRD CAGE”, and many horror films including “BLOOD BATH” (1966), and “GALAXY OF TERROR” (1981). Amongst Sid’s many fans is none other than director Quentin Tarantino, who cast Sid in “JACKIE BROWN” (1997), and “KILL BILL VOLUME 2”. This summer, Captain Spaulding’s make-up comes off, and we get to learn more about the man behind the mask in “THE DEVIL’S REJECT’S” (2005).

Sid and Bill Moseley will be introducing a 35mm retrospective screening of “HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES” at the Flashback Weekend Drive-In on Friday July 29, 2005.

Matt McGrory

"Tiny" Firefly

Matt McGrory portrays “Tiny” Firefly in Rob Zombie's “HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES” as well as the upcoming sequel

“THE DEVIL’S REJECTS”. Matt has also appeared in Tim Burton's “BIG FISH”, “THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING”, “BUBBLE BOY”, and HBO's “CARNIVALE” (both seasons). He's also the Guiness world record holder for Tallest Actor at 7'6" tall, and World's Largest Feet, (he wears an American shoe size of 29 1/2.)

Matt will be joining Bill Moseley and Sid Haig at Flashback as part of our “HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES” retrospective and reunion.


John Carpenter/Debra Hill cast reunion and the 25th anniversary of John Carpenter's THE FOG (1980)

Adrienne Barbeau


Film, Television and Broadway Star, Concert Stage and Recording Artist, Adrienne Barbeau's career spans 40 years and is still evolving. Film audiences know her best from "The Fog", "Escape from New York", "Swamp Thing", "Cannonball Run", "Creepshow", "Back to School", "Two Evil Eyes", and "The Convent". Soon to be released is the feature comedy "A Wake in Providence". Adrienne is currently writing a collection of stories about her life called There Are Worse Things I Could Do, to be published in Spring of 2006, and is also in rehearsals for a new, two character play entitled The Property Known as Garland, written by Billy Van Zandt and directed by Glenn Casale.

Tom Atkins


Veteran screen tough-guy Tom Atkins was part of the legendary ensemble cast John Carpenter and Debra Hill assembled for "THE FOG" . Tom also appeared in "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK " and starred in the under-rated "HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH". His other genre appearances include "NIGHT OF THE CREEPS" and "MANIAC COP". Tom also worked with Director George A. Romero on "CREEPSHOW" and "BRUISER".

Charles Cyphers


Character actor Charles Cyphers appeared in many of John Carpenter's early works including " ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 " (1976), " ELVIS ", " THE FOG", and " ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK " . As Sheriff Brackett in " HALLOWEEN ", Charles shared many of his scenes with the legendary Donald Pleasence. In " HALLOWEEN 2", Charles turned in a heartbreaking performance as Sheriff Brackett who discovers that his daughter Annie has become a victim of Michael Myers.

Nancy Loomis

HALLOWEEN 1, 2 & 3

As babysitter Annie Brackett, Nancy Loomis, along with Jamie Lee Curtis and P.J. Soles, made up the teenage trio of babysitters who were singled out by Michael Myers for a night of terror in John Carpenter's 1978 classic "HALLOWEEN ". Nancy also worked for John Carpenter in " ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13' (1976), and "HALLOWEEN" 2 + 3.


And More Celebrities...

Tim DeKay


Tim Dekay plays Clayton "Jonesy" Jones on HBO’s “CARNIVALE”. Sampson’s right hand man, Jonesy is the unofficial head of the rousties. Jonesy is, in many ways, the backbone of the Carnivale troupe. While he has always been a key player on “CARNIVALE”, Jonesy has recently stepped up to the plate to battle the evil forces of Brother Justin who threaten the Carnivale and the entire world!

In addition to “CARNIVALE”, actor Tim DeKay has a long acting resume including “CSI” and “FRIENDS”. Tim also portrayed the "The Bizarro Jerry" on “SEINFIELD”.

Please help us welcome Tim and Adrienne Barbeau to Chicago as part of our “CARNIVALE” reunion.

Tamara Gorski


Bio forthcoming...


(Appearing Saturday July 30, 2005)

We are honored to have Chicago TelevisIon Legend “SVENGOOLIE” back for his second Flashback Weekend appearance! Rich Koz portrays the popular character each week on “The U!”, with his cast of “Doug Graves” the laid back musical sidekick, and Tombstone the talking skull. In addition to the popular musical numbers and commercial parodies Svengoolie has always been known for, each show features a segment of the movie produced in Svensurround with added sound effects, dubbed-in dialogue and visuals. This technique was first done by both Koz and Bishop in the 1970’s - before the advent of “Mystery Science Theatre 3000.”

Svengoolie’s hard work and comic genius continued to pay off and “Svengoolie - The First Year” a look back at Svengoolie’s first year on WCIU was rewarded with a Chicago Emmy for Best Entertainment Program - Special. He currently has received 7 regional Emmy Awards, and was inducted into the prestigious Chicago Television Academy ’s 2004 “ Silver Circle ” for outstanding contributions to Chicago television.

“Svengoolie” will be signing autographs, posing for photos, and will take to the Flashback Stage for a Q & A and to MC a costume contest on Saturday. Get your costumes ready!

David DeFalco

The son of an affluent politician, David grew up far removed from the entertainment industry on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

David started as an executive producer at Full Moon Entertainment until 1997 when he formed his own company, DOMINION ENTERTAINMENT.

David produced, wrote and acted in the direct to video hits, POINT DOOM, GANGLAND and REDEMPTION. In those movies, he worked with stars like Richard Grieco, Andrew Dice Clay and Ice T.

By 2001, and after having produced several motion pictures, David decided to make his directorial debut. He co-wrote and directed THE BACKLOT MURDERS, a small horror/comedy that took place on all the classic sets at Universal Studios.

In 2003, David took a chance to diversify from the action genre pictures, and wrote and directed the controversial CHAOS. With this film, he has undoubtedly established himself as a director who can create intense, gut-wrenching human drama.

In 2004 DeFalco and Dominion Entertainment entered the theatrical feature arena with the release of the romantic comedy SWING, starring Tom Skerritt, Jacqueline Bissett and Jonathan Winters. And early in 2005, CHAOS will debut in theaters.

Steven Jay Bernheim

The producer and cocreator, with David DeFalco, of CHAOS is Steven Jay Bernheim. Steve is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University, is an attorney, is the owner of a race team, and has been producing films with David DeFalco under the Dominion banner for nearly 10 years. CHAOS is Steve's sixth film production.

Sage Stallone

SAGE STALLONE (Swan), son of actor Sylvester Stallone, has made quite a name for himself amongst fans of classic horror and grindhouse cinema.

Acting, however, is only a diversion for Sage who also appeared in Jim VanBebber's THE MANSON FAMILY. Sage is founder of Grindhouse Releasing, a Los Angeles based company, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of quality exploitation feature films, along with partner/editor Bob Murawski, has restored and digitally remastered films such as "Make Them Die Slowly" (aka Cannibal Ferox) and Lucio Fulci's horror classic "The Beyond"-- released theatrically and on DVD by Grindhouse and Quentin Tarantino's Rolling Thunder. They recently restored and released director Ruggero Deodato's 1979 masterpiece, "Cannibal Holocaust."

Sage is currently directing a film that will be released some time in 2006.

Michael Berryman

Michael Berryman was "discovered" by Hollywood legend George Pal. After "DOC
SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE", Michael found himself in a casting session for
"ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST" and spent the next four months acting
alongside Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito.

Then cast in Wes Craven's 1977 classic "THE HILLS HAVE EYES", Michael
created such a memorable character as "Pluto", that he was featured solely
in the film's advertising. He later worked with Wes Craven again in 1983's

Michael found himself in demand internationally (for Italian director
Ruggero Deodato in "CUT AND RUN" and "THE BARBARIANS")and domestically in
big-budget films such as "WEIRD SCIENCE" and "STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE
HOME". On TV, Mr. Berryman has guest-starred in memorable roles in "STAR

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni


Horror fans know Coralina from her work in the Italian film genre, working with greats like Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, and Pupi Avati.  She also co-hosted an Italian TV show with Argento called “GIALLO”.

But she is also a multi-faceted artist, working as a singer and songwriter and more recently has delved into painting.  Her paintings of mystical figures and forms, convey yet another highly intimate aspect of this multi-talented artist. She has recently finished working with an international cast on a new film with Lamberto Bava in South Africa , entitled “GHOST SON”.

Camille Keaton


The star of the classic " I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE " in a rare convention appearance! Her character in the film Jennifer Hill (as the legendary ad campaign told us) " CUT, CHOPPED, BROKEN, and BURNED FIVE MEN (OK, so there were only four!) BEYOND RECOGNITION”...But no jury in America would ever convict her !".

Ms. Keaton also plans on bringing several pieces of her wardrobe from "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" to Flashback where they will be displayed at her table (and they will also be for sale!).

Tom Sullivan


As the Illustrator and Creator of special effects and make-up for "THE EVIL DEAD", Tom created the Deadite make-ups and the Book of the Dead and the Dagger props. Tom also animated the stop-motion Meltdown finale. Tom went on to provide the stunning title sequence and flying Deadite stop-motion animation in addition to many additional effects for “EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN”.

Mr. Sullivan will be bringing his "EVIL DEAD" museum to the Flashback Weekend Horror Convention and Drive-In. The museum includes the artwork and original props used in "THE EVIL DEAD ". 

JR Bookwalter

J.R. Bookwalter began his career at in 1985 at age 19 with THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, an ambitious zombie epic financed by filmmaker Sam Raimi. Bookwalter founded Tempe as an outlet to make & self-distribute such films as OZONE and POLYMORPH. Bookwalter also produced 12 features for Full Moon Pictures as well as directing two popular WITCHOUSE sequels.

Considered by many to be a "pioneer" in the wildly popular shot-on-video movement, in 2005 Bookwalter will celebrate his 20th year in the business, which will be marked by Anchor Bay 's release of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR Special Edition DVD, bringing his career full circle.

Jason Paul Collum

The former editor of CINEFANTASTIQUE magazine, Jason Paul Collum received his first paid film job as the writer /director of the horror sequel Mark of the Devil 666: The Moralist . In 1998 actress Brinke Stevens introduced him to J.R. Bookwalter and David DeCoteau. He went on to work on a series of films for both directors. His short film, “JULIA WEPT” (2000), became a popular cult success, leading to big screen showings at numerous film festivals.

Jason also wrote the book "Assault of the Killer Bs: Interviews with 20 Cult Film Actresses") and wrote/directed the horror actresses documentary “SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT” which was shown on SHOWTIME.

Ari Lehman


In the original "FRIDAY THE 13th" (1980), Ari Lehman had the honor of being the first actor to portray Jason Vorhees. Aided by a brilliant make-up design by Tom Savini, Ari provided one of the greatest shock scenes in Horror films of the Eighties.

Come help us celebrate the 25th anniversary of "FRIDAY THE 13th" with Ari Lehman, the "Young Jason"

Steve Dash


Steve Dash played a “pre-hockey mask” Jason Voorhees (back when Jason wore a burlap sack over his head) throughout “FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2” (the entire movie, bar the final unmasked scene). He was Jason for all the kills, all the stalking and all the stunts up until the final crash through the window. However, an error in the billing did not give him the credit he was due

(Steve did, however, receive credit on “FRIDAY THE 13th PART 3” for his scenes from Part 2).

We are happy to present Steve Dash, “The Real Jason”, as part of our “Friday the 13th” 25th Anniversary event.

Chuck Williams


With over 35 Feature Films to his credit, Chuck Williams was recently seen in the critically acclaimed Don Coscarelli "Bubba Ho-Tep” starring Bruce Campbell. Chuck played one of the infamous "Elvis Boys". He also co-starred in William Shatner's Sci Fi Channel "Groom Lake" with Amy Acker (Angel) portraying the role of "The Alien".

He is the "DarkWalker" in Full Moon's horror film "DarkWalker" which the Halloween Mask is coming out for this Halloween. He also starred with Linda Blair in HBO's "Double Blast" and starred in now the infamous "Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) "SoulTaker" playing the role of Tommy.

He Directed and Produced "Halloween...The Happy Haunting of America" Shockumentary that is coming out on DVD this year with horror Celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Robert Englund, Tom Savini, Doug Bradley and Angus Scrimm.

Robert Z'Dar


Robert Z'Dar is one of the most recognized faces in the entertainment industry. His dozen’s of film roles include the enraged convict in “TANGO & CASH”, co-starring opposite Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell; the enforcer in the gangster flick “MOBSTERS” with Anthony Quinn, Christian Slater, and F. Murry Abraham; and the leading role as the crazed killer-cop Matt Cordell in the hit cult video series “MANIAC COP” I, II, and Ill.

Ariauna Albright


Ariauna Albright quickly made a name for herself in the underground horror scene with such cult classics as BLOODLETTING and POLYMORPH. Her partnership with Tempe Entertainment led to a series of starring roles for Full Moon Pictures, including WITCHOUSE, HORRORVISON and WITCHOUSE 2: BLOOD COVEN.

Ms. Albright has produced and/or supervised over twenty-five films and now has started her own production company, Darkholme Entertainment. Her most recent work includes Tempe's BAD MOVIE POLICE series as well as being featured in the Showtime documentary SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT."

The Bone Jangler


Since long before time itself had been recorded, there has been The BONE JANGLER! Throughout the years, it has been have theorized that the "big bang" that spawned the Earth's creation also heralded the arrival of this ancient enigma.

While the true extent of His powers are none of your business, rest assured that He has zero, if any, rivals. From witchcraft to voodoo, reaching all the way back to Native American shamanism, The BONE JANGLER has had an impact on all forms of magick, past and present. In fact, many of the world's occult practices are based on the fundamental principles of The BONE JANGLER's natural abilities.

So, what is The BONE JANGLER's current agenda? None know.

The Bone Jangler and his constant companion Nocturna are seen on 36 stations, in 21 states.

UnDead Johnny & Dementia


"The Stroke of twelve...and there is one thing of which I am certain: For the next two hours we will be much, much safer in here than those of you watching from out there." So begins each episode of the World of the Weird Monster Show with your hosts Undead Johnny and Dementia. Undead Johnny and Dementia have been entertaining Chicago's North Side for nearly a year now with their unique brand of macabre mayhem, airing in 20 northern suburbs as well as in parts of Indiana and Michigan as one of Horror Movie Classic's "Horror Host Stars."

Showcasing classic--and not so classic--horror films, the World of the Weird Monster Show airs on Friday nights at 11pm on Comcast Channels 19 and 35. This will be Undead Johnny and Dementia (as well as some other ghouls from Channel 666) first time at Flashback Weekend. Check out their website at www.wowmonstershow.com to see if they air in your neighborhood!

Dann Gire

Flashback Weekend Master of Ceremonies

Daily Herald film critic Dann Gire has been a member of the Flashback Weekend cult since the very beginning. He serves as the president and founding director of the Chicago Film Critics Association, and has won the prestigious Peter Lisagor Award for Arts Criticism six times. (His mentor/rival Roger Ebert has won it only four times.) Gire has also been an adjunct faculty member in William Rainey Harper College’s English and Journalism departments since 1984, teaching courses in drama, film & literature, journalism, short stories & novels, mass communications and feature writing. He put both Zack Snyder's remake of "Dawn of the Dead" and the family feature "The Incredibles" on his top 10 list of best movies of 2004.

Nick Digilio

Flashback Co-Host

Nick Digilio began reviewing movies on the Roy Leonard Show in 1985. He started as "the guy who likes bad movies" (reviewing "CRITTERS", "FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5" and the like). Eventually Nick became Roy's co-host on his Saturday Morning movie review segment. Now he co-hosts the Nick D. and Garry Lee show every Friday Night and hosts his own show on Saturday and Sunday Nights where he talks about pop culture, current events, hot topics...and of course, reviews the new films. You can also catch Nick on Steve Cochran's Saturday Morning Show reviewing all of the new films each week.

Nick just celebrated his 20th anniversary on WGN 720AM.

Steve Prokopy

Flashback Co-Host

Steve Prokopy is the Chicago/Midwest Editor of Ain't It Cool News, where he has contributed film reviews and celebrity interviews under the name "Capone" since 1997. More recently, Steve joined the staff of the Chicago-based media outlet GapersBlock.com in March 2005 as the site's weekly film critic.

Amy Lynn Best

AMY LYNN BEST has been called a "triple-threat" for her roles as
actress/director/producer in the indie horror community. As one of the
co-founders of Happy Cloud Pictures, she co-produced and co-stars in the
"zombie-noir" The Resurrection Game. She co-wrote and directed the
award-winning short Were-Grrl, and co-stars in and directed the horror
comedy Severe Injuries and the sexy documentary The Spicy Sisters Slumber
Party. An advocate for advancing women's roles in horror, she is also one of
the co-founders of the immensely popular website www.pretty-scary.net. Other
roles include appearances in Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots with Debbie
Rochon and Loaded Dice with Tom Savini.

Joe Knetter

Horror Author

Joe Knetter writes sick and twisted horror stories. He began his career writing for Splatbooks.  He was a part of four short story collections (Self Mutilation 1-3 and Bodily Fluids)  In late 2004 Joe left Splatbooks and released the collection Twisted Loneliness, which features an introduction by Sid Haig, who will also be recording the audiobook sometime in late 2005.  Joe's next book is his debut novel, the much talked about Zombie Bukkake. Joe has also played  small roles in a few independent horror films and in 2005 will be producing his first film "THE LIVING END”.


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