Flashback Weekend is Chicago’s longest-running Horror Convention, as featured on both The E! True Hollywood Story and Anchor Bay’s THE EVIL DEAD Ultimate DVD Set!



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Robert Englund“HOLLYWOOD MONSTER”Robert Englund book signing and photo-op info

Robert will sign copies of his book “HOLLYWOOD MONSTER” that are purchased at Flashback Weekend. Also with the purchase of “HOLLYWOOD MONSTER” at Flashback Weekend, you’ll be able to have a photo-op with Robert (on your camera)!

A copy of “HOLLYWOOD MONSTER” (which Robert will sign for you in person)  and a Robert photo op will be included with the Ultimate and Gold weekend packages.

Sunday Oct. 25 – “HOLLYWOOD MONSTER” book signing and photo op with Robert Englund - click here for details




We are proud to announce that Charles Band, founder of Full Moon Features will be bringing his 4th incarnation of his FULL MOON HORROR ROAD SHOW to Flashback Weekend 2009 at the Wyndham O’Hare on Sunday afternoon October 25, 2009!

This one time only show is a horror-palooza of sorts. Cult Horror Film Director Charles Band packs his shows to the brim with puppets, rare film clips, and Blood, Breasts, and Beasts! For horror movie fans and fans of the PUPPETMASTER film series, this event will feature unique interactive audience participations on stage, upcoming new release film trailers by Full Moon Features, surprise celebrity guest appearances, original puppet and doll auctions, hot chicks, unique merchandise and novelty items and live special effects demonstrations!! 

“The show is absolutely unique and totally unpredictable! It’s extremely interactive and I’m really excited to get back on the road and have fun with all the fans. The event really gets crazier every year – I feel a bit like those travelling turn of the century magicians who went from city to city doing bizarre stuff on stage. And I’m very lucky that there are so many fans out who like my films and enjoy coming to the show!” – Charles Band

Flashback Weekend attendees will be able to attend the Charles Band FULL MOON HORROR ROAD SHOW Sunday Afternoon at  no additional charge. The Road show will be held in the Wyndham O’Hare grand ballroom.

Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Road Show

New Millennium Theatre Company presents The Texas Chainsaw Musical

On Saturday October 24 at Flashback Weekend, The New Millennium Theatre Company presents The Texas Chainsaw Musical. This new musical parody of “THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE” takes audiences through the hot desert highway following the adventures of Sally, her disabled brother Franklin, and their three friends on the worst day of their lives. Short on gas and unfamiliar with the neighborhood, they run into the misunderstood Leatherface, whose attempts to make new friends, despite his best efforts, always seem to end in accidental decapitation.  With original music performed live on stage by ‘The Family Band’ featuring Grandpa, The Cook, The Hitchhiker, and Leatherface himself, The Texas Chainsaw Musical will take you on an emotional journey of hilarity giving new meaning to the phrase, ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’.  From the disturbed individuals who brought you past Flashback Weekend live theatre hits like Evil Dead: The Musical and Hack/Slash: Stagefright, Flashback fans will not want to miss The Texas Chainsaw Musical

The Texas Chainsaw Musical

The Fifrth Annual Flashback Weekend COSTUME CONTEST

Sven and the 2008 Contest Winner!Join us Saturday October 24 (time TBD) in your favorite Ghoulish costume for our Fifth Annual Flashback Weekend Costume Contest and compete for fun and prizes! The contest will be hosted by Chicago Television legend “SVENGOOLIE”! All ages welcome!

That's Svengoolie interviewing the 2008 Contest Winner there on the right - click HERE to see a stack of photos from the 2008 contest!

This event is sponsored by Sinister Visions inc.













Zombie Pinups
The 2008 Zombie Pinup Beauty Pageant Judges & Winners

Flashback Weekend, Chad Savage and ZombiePinups.com are pleased to announce the Third Annual Flashback Weekend Zombie Pinup Beauty Pageant!

On Saturday October 24 put on your sexiest classic pinup outfit and your most gruesome zombie make up, and compete to win the coveted title of Miss Zombie Queen 2009! The Pageant will be judged by several of our Celebrity Guests (to be named) and awarded fabulous prizes for First, Second & Third Place.

Judging will be based on quality of make up / effects and costume.

All contestants will be photographed for a special gallery at ZombiePinups.com; winners will, of course, get optimal placement.

To get an idea of what we're looking for, visit the gallery at ZombiePinups.com, and start planning your character NOW!

This event is sponsored by Sinister Visions inc.

Hosted by Robert Englund with DJ BrianneFlashback Weekend Halloween Costume Monster Bash

Hosted by Robert Englund
Music by DJ Brianne
Saturday October 24 • 9:00 pm - ?:??

Celebrate Halloween a full week early! Break in your costume and party like a ghoul with your host Robert Englund and tunes by ghoulish Chicago favorite DJ Brianne. We'll have random prize drawings during the night with prizes provided by DarkChicago.com, Sinister Visions inc. and Zombie Army Productions, including free haunted house tickets to The Fear at Navy Pier and Statesville Haunted Prison.

All ages welcome, with a cash bar for those 21+.

Flashback Weekend 2009 Schedule of Events

Events are subject to change without notice due to numerous factors including weather, emergencies, celebrity additions/cancellations, earthquakes, floods and swarms of locusts. You just never know.

Friday October 23

Live EvilSaturday October 24

Sunday October 25