Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention

Flashback Weekend

Chicago Horror Con

August 2-4, 2024

Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago
Rosemont, IL



Muvico’s Rosemont 18 & Bogart’s
9701 Bryn Mawr AvenueRosemont, IL 60018-5210

We are proud to announce that Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention 2012 evening film screenings will be held at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18 (located just north of the Crowne Plaza on the other side of the parking garage).

Located in Rosemont at 9701 Bryn Mawr off of River Road, the Muvico Rosemont 18 is Chicago’s premiere movie-going experience featuring elegant stadium seating, state of the art Sony 4K digital projection, and Bogart’s; a full service bar and restaurant.

For more info on Muvico visit www.muvico.com

Muvico 18 Rosemont Exterior
Muvico 18 Rosemont Auditorium

Flashback Weekend Muvico Screening Seating Policy

All evening film screenings to be held at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18

“THE EXORCIST” Screening

The screening of Linda Blair hosts “THE EXORCIST” is a charity benefit screening. All tickets must be purchased. Tickets may be purchased in advance at www.muvico.com or at the Rosemont Muvico box-office.

All Other Flashback Weekend Muvico Movie Screenings*

All of the other screenings listed are for Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention attendees only at no extra charge.  You must have purchased a Flashback Weekend convention ticket to be eligible for seating at the screenings.  You may purchase Flashback Weekend tickets at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare the days of the event. The seating for the screenings is as follows: Ultimate and Gold Passes are seated first; followed by 3-Day Weekend Pass Holders. Then, any remaining seats will be filled by single day ticket holders*.

*Theater seating for all Flashback Weekend Muvico Screenings is limited to theatre capacity.

General Schedule

This schedule will be updated with more specific information as events are locked down.

  • Convention activities will take place at theCrowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare
  • Evening movie screenings and parties will take place at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18

Fri. August 10, 2012


  • 3:00PM ??? 8:00PM Registration Booth Open
  • 4:00PM - 8:45PM Celebrity signings & Dealers room (Ballrooms 3-5)????
  • 5:00PM ??? 7:30PM John Carpenter Autograph signings ??? Metro room
  • 7:30PM ??? 8:00PM John Carpenter Photo-Op (Ticket Required) ??? Metro Room


  • 7:00PM Buffy/Angel star James Marsters in Concert (separate admission required)

Muvico Movie screenings for Flashback Weekend attendees (seating limited to theater capacity)


  • 9:00PM : “THE ZOMBIE FACTOR” introduced by Matt Cantu
  • 9:30PM : “John Carpenter’s THE THING” (1982) ??introduced by John Carpenter
  • 11:45PM : “BLACK WATERS OF ECHO’S POND” introduced by Danielle Harris and Sean Clark


  • Midnight : “NAILBITER” ??introduced by Patrick Rea

BOGART'S BAR & GRILL (located on 2nd floor of Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18)
For all Flashback Weekend attendees

  • 10:00PM ??? 2:00AM : Drink and food specials??

Sat. August 11, 2012


  • 9:30AM - 6:00PM : Registration Booth Open
  • 10:00AM - 6:45PM : Dealer room (Ballrooms 3-5)
  • 10:00AM ??? 6:00PM : Celebrity signings (Ballrooms 3-5)??????
  • 10:00AM ??? 12:30PM : John Carpenter signings ??? Metro Room
  • 3:00PM ??? 5:30PM : John Carpenter signings ??? Metro Room
  • 1:30PM ??? 2:00PM : John Carpenter Photo-Op (Ticket Required) ??? Metro Room
  • 2:00PM ??? 4:00PM : Svengoolie autograph signings ??? Balmoral Ballroom

Q&A Ballrooms 1-2

  • 11:00AM-11:15AM : Hollywood Book & Posterpresents Grindhouse interviews
  • 11:15AM ??? 11:35AM : Sage Stallone “CHAOS” Panel Discussion (2005)
  • 11:40AM ??? 12:00PM : Ken Foree
  • 12:00PM ??? 12:20PM : Diora Baird
  • 12:20PM ??? 12:40PM : Dick Warlock
  • 12:40PM ??? 1:00PM : Meg Foster and Kim Darby
  • 1:00PM ??? 1:30PM : FRIDAY THE 13th ??reunion Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Dana Kimmell,Kimberly Beck, Erin Gray
  • 1:30PM ??? 2:00PM : The Jasons!?? Richard Brooker, Ted White, Kane Hodder??
  • 2:00PM ??? 2:40PM : John Carpenter
  • 2:40PM ??? 3:00PM : Tony Todd
  • 3:00PM ??? 3:30PM : Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris, Kristina Klebe
  • 3:30PM ??? 4:00PM : Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton
  • 4:00PM ??? 4:05PM : SAFE INSIDE trailer Premiere introduced by Jason Paul Collum
  • 4:05PM ??? 4:20PM : Tim Sullivan and Anton Troy
  • 4:20PM ??? 5:00PM : Sinister Visions presents The 7th Annual Flashback Costume Contest hosted by Chicago TV legend Svengoolie!
  • 5:00PM ??? 5:05PM : Charles Band special announcement???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????
  • 5:05PM ??? 6:00PM : Sinister Visions presents the Zombie Pin-up Pageant
  • 6:00PM ??? 7:00PM : New Millennium Theater Company presents Live Horror Theater “TALES FROM THE SCRYPT: AN EVENING OF HORROR COMEDY”



  • 8:15PM : Linda Blair hosts “THE EXORCIST” (2000 version 2K digital restoration)
    Benefitting the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation
    Purchase tickets at Muvico Theaters box-office or www.muvico.com
  • 11:15PM : “AS HUMAN AS ANIMAL” Introduced by director Kristina Klebe
  • 11:20PM : Special preview ??? “SHIVER” starring Danielle Harris
  • 11:30PM : “AMONG FRIENDS” (2012) Introduced by director Danielle Harris


  • 9:00PM : “H.P. Lovecraft’s THE EVIL CLERGYMAN” (1988) World Premiere
    Introduced by Charles Band, Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton & Richard Band
  • 11:00PM : Tim Sullivan’s “I WAS A TEENAGE WERE-BEAR” HAIRY & UNCUT EXTENDED EDITION”. Introduced by Tim Sullivan and Anton Troy
  • 11:45 PM : “BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP” (2012) ??introduced by Tim Sullivan

BOGART'S BAR & GRILL (located on 2nd floor of Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18)

  • 10:00PM ??? 2:00AM : FLASHBACK WEEKEND 10th Anniversary Party hosted by Zombie Army Productions. All Flashback?? Weekend Attendees are welcome to attend the 10th Anniversary Party! Live DJ, Dancing, prizes, drink and food specials??

Sun. August 12, 2012


  • 10:00AM - 3:00PM : Registration Booth Open
  • 11:00AM - 4:00PM : Celebrity signings & Dealer room (Ballrooms 3-5)??????
  • 11:00AM ??? 11:30AM : John Carpenter Photo-Op (Ticket Required) ??? Metro Room
  • 11:30AM ??? 2:00PM : John Carpenter Autograph signings ??? Metro Room
  • 3:00PM ??? 4:30PM : John Carpenter Autograph signings ??? Metro Room

Q&A - Ballrooms 1-2

  • 12:00PM ??? 12:40PM?????? Sage Stallone DVD Presentation - Panel discussion (2005) moderated by Dann Gire, “Not the Same Old Grind ??? The Return of Grindhouse Cinema”.
  • 1:00PM ??? 3:00PM?????????? Tim Sullivan Slash Course ??? Film School workshop (separate ticket required. Purchase ticket at Tim Sullivan’s table in vendor/celebrity room)

A few provisos, quid pro quos???

Cameras, video recordings, etc. are for personal use only.  You are being given a revocable license which shall become void should you attempt to sell or trade upon any such items.  No license whatsoever is granted for commercial uses of any likeness or image.
"The Holder also grants permission to Flashback Weekend (Kerz Productions, Inc.) to utilize the Holder's image or likeness incidental to any live or recorded video or other display or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the event to which this ticket admits the Holder."

Flashback Weekend (Kerz Productions, Inc.) must approve and provide written consent of all images filmed or recorded on any media which may be used for commercial purposes. This approval must be in place before the film is shared publicly and before it is released for commercial purposes. All images taken at Flashback Weekend are the sole property of Flashback Weekend and cannot be used for any non-private publication without the express written consent of an officer of Flashback Weekend.

Please respect the personal space of the celebrities at all times. Autographs and photos are allowed during scheduled official sessions only.


Friday Night at Muvico : John Carpenter's The Thing

Friday night at 9:30 pm, John Carpenter will introduce a special 30th Anniversary screening of his 1982 classic THE THING.

The Thing

LINDA BLAIR hosts THE EXORCIST at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18

Linda Blair presents THE EXORCIST

Charity benefit screening of the digitally restored “THE EXORCIST”
100% of the ticket sale proceeds to benefit the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

Saturday August 11, 2012
Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18
9701 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, IL 60018

Academy Award nominee Linda Blair will host a special benefit screening of “THE EXORCIST” at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18 on Saturday August 11, 2012. 100% of the ticket sale proceeds will benefit the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation. Showing will be 2K digital restoration of “THE EXORCIST: THE VERSION YOU’VE NEVER SEEN” which restored over 10 minutes of unseen footage to the original 1973 classic.

Ms. Blair will take to the Muvico stage to participate in a discussion about “THE EXORCIST” and take select questions from the audience prior to the screening.

About the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation is devoted to the loving care and rescue of animals throughout Los Angeles. The WorldHeart Foundation is a non-for-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. With your help, we can work miracles to end the suffering of animals throughout Los Angeles. Our rescues deserve warm, happy and loving forever homes where they can live in safety.

Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation is a unique safe haven for animals providing top-quality, lifelong care to the animals it rescues. We emphasize proper nutrition, provide first-class veterinary care, comfortable facilities, training, socializing, and of course, and abundance of love. For more information on the Worldheart foundation please visit www.lindablairworldheart.org.

Special charity benefit prices
All tickets are reserved seating

  • Main level seating : $20.00
  • Premier seating : $30.00 ??? includes free popcorn, valet parking, and more!
    The Premier auditoriums inside Muvico Theaters are an exclusive 21 and up, balcony style theater for a more intimate movie experience. Premier tickets include access to the Premier VIP theaters, complimentary popcorn and valet parking. Sit back and enjoy ultra-plush oversized theater chairs for the ultimate viewing relaxation. Sip on your favorite cocktail, wine or beer as the movie plays in stunning high definition Sony digital cinema 4K.

Tickets may be purchased at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18 website www.muvico.com/Rosemont-18. For additional information please call (847) 447-1040.

The Evil Clergyman

Saturday, August 11 at 9:00 pm

This World Premiere of “H.P. Lovecraft’s THE EVIL CLERGYMAN” will be introduced by director Charles Band, stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, and composer Richard Band.

In 1988 Charles Band directed “PULSESPONDERS”, an anthology film comprised of short film sequels to the biggest hits of Empire Pictures; H.P. LOVECRAFT’s THE EVIL CLERGYMAN”, the first (and unseen) “TRANCERS sequel, and a sequel to “THE DUNGEONMASTER” . “PULSEPOUNDERS” was shot and edited in 1988 before circumstances prevented it from being released. “PULSEPOUNDERS” was thought to be a lost film. For the last 25 years, fans have clamored to see it.

Recently, a “PULSEPOUNDERS” work print was discovered. Charles Band and a team of digital experts have been working for the last year digitally restoring it. Richard Band, the composer of classic film scores such as “RE-ANIMATOR” and “PUPPER MASTER” has composed an original lavish 1980’s style score for it! The first of the “lost” “PULSEPOUNDERS” episodes to be restored, “H.P.’s Lovecraft’s THE EVIL CLERGYMAN” re-united horrors hottest duo; Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton! “THE EVIL CLERGYMAN” also stars horror legends David Warner and David Gale (Dr. Hill from “RE-ANIMATOR”).

Among Friends
Among Friends Cast

Saturday August 11, 2012 at 11:30 pm
Introduced by Director Danielle Harris.

Directed by Danielle Harris, "AMONG FRIENDS" is a twisted horror about a dinner party gone wrong. Set against an 80s backdrop, the good time takes a dark turn when one in the group hijacks the evening in an attempt to help the others come clean about their secret betrayals against one another???and is willing to cut through the bone in order to expose the truth.

Tim Sullivan's "I Was a Teenage Werebear: Hairy & Uncut Extended Edition"

I Was a Teenage Werebear

Saturday August 11, 2012  at 11:00PM

Introduced by director Tim Sullivan and star Anton Troy

One fourth of the cult hit anthology “CHILLERAMA” Tim Sullivan’s I Was a Teenage Werebear follows closeted new kid Ricky O'Reilly (played by Sean Paul Lockhart, aka adult film superstar Brent Corrigan) who falls for Malibu High's mysterious bad boy Talon (Anton Troy). When love bites them on the ass, the two transform into bestial, leather daddy werebears!

This is the version they didn’t want you to see, screening at Flashback Weekend in all its hairy, uncut, full length glory, personally REMIXED in glorious 5.1 Surround Sound by writer/director Tim Sullivan and composer Patrick Copeland.

In addition to screening at Flashback Weekend, a limited, numbered, collector’s DVD will be on sale for the first time to attendees. Packed with rare promo spots (including Sullivan’s never before available unrated Chillerama music vid), this extended edition will truly purge your werebear urge!

Sullivan and star Anton Troy will be on hand to introduce the screening as well as sign the Uncut DVD. Those who purchase this DVD will receive $10.00 off Sullivan’s Slash Course Seminar in Indie horror filmmaking.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Saturday August 11, 2012 at 11:45PM
Introduced by star Tim Sullivan

It's 1984 and a group of students led by Father Cummings (Reggie Bannister) are spending a fun filled weekend at the Happy Day Bible Camp. All ignore the warnings from the local folk of the grizzly murders that took place 7 years prior by a sadistic crazy nun. Is Sister Mary Chopper (Tim Sullivan) dead or is she just waiting for the next group of bible students to visit the BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP?

Tim Sullivan will have the one and only actual SISTER MARY CHOPPER mask for photo opportunities!

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

Friday, August 10 at 11:45 pm
Introduced by star Danielle Harris and writer-producer Sean Clark.

Nine friends take a holiday at a Victorian home on a private island and uncover a game that when played brings out the worst in each of them. Jealously, greed, hatred, lust, all of the things they keep buried deep inside themselves rise to the surface and come to a boil.

Showing at Chicago's premier movie going experience, the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18.

As Human As Animal

Saturday, August 11 at 11:15 pm
Introduced by director Kristina Klebe

Former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page stars as Hank in AS HUMAN AS ANIMAL, the portrait of a lonely man with a dark past who is haunted by the choices that led him to the shadowy, desolate place he is now forced to live.



Friday August 10, 2012  at Midnight
Introduced by director Patrick Rea

Director and co-writer Patrick Rea in attendance.“NAILBITER” is the second feature film from director Patrick Rea who has taken the film festival circuit by storm with his highly imaginative studio quality short films. “NAILBITER” tells the story of a mother and three daughters who seek shelter from a tornado in a strangers storm cellar. Once in the cellar, they quickly discover that they would have been safer facing the tornado. Do yourself a favor and don’t seek out any more information on this film before seeing it. “NAILBITER” is just that; a suspenseful, horror-thriller, edge of your seat rollercoaster ride which is best experienced spoiler-free.


The Zombie Factor

"The Zombie Factor"

Friday August 10, 2012  at 9:00 pm
Introduced by director Matt Cantu

The zombie apocalypse becomes REALITY on The Zombie Factor, the most dangerous show on television. Every episode, someone dies. The zombie apocalypse becomes REALITY on The Zombie Factor, the most dangerous show on television.The Zombie Factor puts contestants head-to-head against flesh-eating zombies. And on this reality show, as the people are eliminated, they become part of the stable of zombies and used against their fellow competitors.


Tim Sullivan's Slash Course

Sunday @ 1:00 pm : Indie filmmaker TIM SULLIVAN (“ 2001 MANIACS”, “DRIFTWOOD”, “CHILLERAMA: I WAS A TEENAGE WERE-BEAR”) serves up a two hour workshop designed to give attendants a crash course in horror movie making... MORE

The Seventh Annual Flashback Weekend COSTUME CONTEST

Sven and the 2009 Contest Winner!Join us Saturday August 11 at 4:20 pm in your favorite ghoulish costume for our Seventth Annual Flashback Weekend Costume Contest and compete for fun and prizes! The contest will be hosted by Chicago Television legend “SVENGOOLIE”! All ages welcome!

Prizes are awarded for First, Second and Third Place, and there's a Kids Category for ages 12 & under. Winners are determined by audience applause.

That's Svengoolie interviewing the 2011 Contest Winner there on the right - click HERE to see a stack of photos from the 2011 contest!

This event is sponsored by Sinister Visions inc.

THERE IS NO PRE-REGISTRATION: Contestants should start assembling outside of the room in which the event will be held (it'll be in the program at the show) starting at 3:45 pm. Chad Savage will be there to direct you as necessary.


Zombie Pinups
The 2011 Zombie Pinup Beauty Pageant Winners with host John LaFlamboy

Flashback Weekend, Chad Savage and ZombiePinups.com are pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Flashback Weekend Zombie Pinup Beauty Pageant!

On Saturday August 11 at 5:05 pm put on your sexiest classic pinup outfit and your most gruesome zombie make up, and compete to win the coveted title of Miss Zombie Queen 2012! The Pageant will be hosted by John LaFlamboy and will be judged by several of our Celebrity Guests (to be named) and awarded fabulous prizes for First, Second & Third Place.

Judging will be based on quality of make up / effects, costume and adherance to the spirit of the classic pinup image. All contestants will be photographed for a special gallery at ZombiePinups.com; winners will, of course, get optimal placement. To get an idea of what we're looking for, visit the gallery at ZombiePinups.com, and start planning your character NOW!

This event is sponsored by Sinister Visions inc.

THERE IS NO PRE-REGISTRATION: Contestants should start assembling outside of the room in which the event will be held (it'll be in the program at the show) 30 minutes prior to the event. Chad Savage will be there to direct you as necessary.

Tales from the Scrypt
Live Horror Theater from the New Millennium Theater Company

Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare
Saturday August 11, 2012 at 6:00PM

Himber Entertainment presents

James Marsters Live in Concert &
50th Birthday Celebration!

Friday August 10, 2012 at 7:00pm

Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18
9701 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, IL 60018

James Marsters

Don’t miss out on the party of the year – James Marsters concert and 50th birthday celebration! Spend an evening with Film and TV star James Marsters (Spike from “BUFFY” and “ANGEL:”).

The evening will begin with James live in concert at the beautiful Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18 followed by a private dinner party upstairs in the elegant Bogart’s Bar and Grill.

The private party will include dinner and birthday cake at Bogart’s (set menu), a professional photo op with James, and meeting James in person at a mingle session! A cash bar will be available.

Tickets are offered as follows:

CONCERT: $25 per ticket

  • Concert only


  • Concert with priority seating
  • Dinner
  • Photo op with James
  • Mingle with James

For ticket sale information please visit www.jamesmarsterslive.com