Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention

Flashback Weekend

Chicago Horror Con

August 2-4, 2024

Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago
Rosemont, IL


Sam Raimi

Bruce Campbell

Robert Englund

Lance Henriksen

Candyman Reunion

Robert Kurtzman

Tony Todd

Virginia Madsen

Ted Raimi

Robert Kurtzman
Robert will create the Candyman prosthetics for Tony Todd's costume photo-op!

Robert Englund and the Ladies of Elm Street Reunion

Heather Langenkamp

Amanda Wyss

Lisa Wilcox

Tuesday Night

Brooke Theiss

Toy Newkirk

Lisa Zane

Melinda Clarke

Cerina Vincent

Night of the Creeps Reunion

Fred Dekker

Tom Atkins

Jason Lively

Jill Whitlow

Steve Marshall

Allan Kayser

Ken Heron

Celebrating 40 Years of Svengoolie




Friday, August 2

  • 6:30PM - Svengoolie professional Celeb Photo Ops (separate ticket required)
  • 7:00PM - An Evening Celebrating 40 Years of Svengoolie - Featuring Rich Koz as Svengoolie
    Hosted by Nick Digilio of WGN 720AM

Saturday, August 3

  • 1:45PM - Svengoolie professional Celeb Photo Ops (separate ticket required)
  • 2:00PM – 3:30PM - Svengoolie autographs & photos
  • 4:15PM - Svengoolie hosts the Sinister Visions Costume Contest

Flashback Weekend celebrates 40 years of Svengoolie! Every year at Flashback Weekend we look forward to the annual visit from Chicago Television Legend "SVENGOOLIE". Rich Koz has portrayed the popular character since 1979, and is now seen nationally Saturday nights on the Me-TV network, as well as on Chicago’s WCIU, "The U!" Also featured are "Doug Graves" the laid back musical sidekick, Tombstone the talking skull, and Kerwyn the prehistoric rubber chicken , along with Sven’s popular musical numbers and commercial parodies wrapped around films from the classic Universal Studios library.

Svengoolie/Rich Koz has received 8 regional Emmy Awards, and was inducted into the prestigious Chicago Television Academy's 2004 "Silver Circle" for outstanding contributions to Chicago television. He has won the national Rondo Award as ‘favorite horror host’ numerous times. His original TV coffin is on display permanently in Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications.



Flashback Weekend Master of Ceremonies

Daily Herald film critic Dann Gire has been a member of the Flashback Weekend cult since the very beginning. He serves as the president and founding director of the Chicago Film Critics Association, and has won the prestigious Peter Lisagor Award for Arts Criticism six times. (His mentor/rival Roger Ebert has won it only four times.) Gire has also been an adjunct faculty member in William Rainey Harper College’s English and Journalism departments since 1984, teaching courses in drama, film & literature, journalism, short stories & novels, mass communications and feature writing. He put both Zack Snyder's remake of "Dawn of the Dead" and the family feature "The Incredibles" on his top 10 list of best movies of 2004.


Flashback Weekend Co-Host

Talk Show Host/Film Critic for WGN Radio. Nick has been reviewing movies for over 23 years on WGN Radio in Chicago. He also hosts a highly-rated weekend talk show on 720am that covers everything pop culture and news related. He has also written, acted in and directed over thrity plays in and around the Chicago area including the horror classics "Among the Dead" (in which he played an insane?redneck who killed zombies) and "Operation Infiltration: An Experiment in Terror" (which was a salute to great genre films like Romero's "The Crazies" and Philip Kaufman's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"). He has LOVED horror films for his entire life and is incredibly excited to be co-hosting the Flashback Convention for yet another exciting year.

Top Five Horror Movies of All Time:

  1. John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN
  2. George A. Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD
  3. Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA
  4. Don Coscarelli's PHANTASM

(but, of course, this list changes constantly depending on his mood).


Flashback Weekend Co-Host

Steve Prokopy is the chief film critic for the Chicago-based arts outlet Third Coast Review. He is also a regular contributor to SlashFilm.com, Backstory magazine, and the Music Box Theatre's website. For nearly 20 years, he was the Chicago Editor for Ain???t It Cool News, where he contributed film reviews and filmmaker & actor interviews under the name ???Capone.???.

Top Five Horror Movies:

  1. Sam Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD
  2. George A Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD
  3. John Carpenter's THE THING
  5. Herschell Gordon Lewis' BLOOD FEAST


Flashback Weekend Co-Host

After falling in love with the horror genre at a very early age, Heather Wixson has spent over a decade carving out a name for herself in the genre world as a both a journalist, and as a proponent of independent horror cinema. Wixson is currently the Managing Editor for DailyDead.com, and was previously a featured writer at DreadCentral.com and TerrorTube.com where her online career began; she???s also been a contributor at FEARnet as well as a panelist for several of their online programs.

Wixson recently published her first book, Monster Squad: Celebrating the Artists Behind Cinema's Most Memorable Creatures, and is currently finishing Monster Squad Volume II, which is due out in early 2019. She calls Flashback Weekend her "home away from home," and is thrilled to be returning as a co-host this year.

Top Five Horror Movies:

  1. John Carpenter's The Thing
  2. Tom Holland's Fright Night
  3. Chuck Russell's A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
  4. Fred Walton's April Fool's Day
  5. Andrew Kuehn's Terror In the Aisles



John is a stage actor who trains at The Artistic Home in Chicago and co-stars in The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue with Mike Bradecich, which he also co-wrote and co-directed.  He has co-produced two other feature films (The Art of Pain and Squeal). As an actor, John has fought ninjas and zombies as a lead in the feature film The Art of Pain, been killed by a Pigman in the feature film Squeal, performed the motion capture movement for the video games Stubbs the Zombie and BioShock and had very small roles in very small commercials that only his mother seems to have seen.

John is also the founder and director of Zombie Army Productions, a production company that produces the annual Zombie Prom Chicago, Statesville Haunted Prison & City of the Dead, HellsGate Haunted House and, as of this past spring, Legacy Adventure Park in Lockport.


John Borowski is an award winning independent filmmaker and author whose film works have garnered international acclaim and are distributed internationally on dvd, television, and streaming. Borowski???s ???historical horror??? trilogy of documentary films focus on late nineteenth and early twentieth century serial killers (???H.H. Holmes: America???s First Serial Killer???, ???Albert Fish???, & ???Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance???).

In 2014, Borowski completed his fourth feature documentary film, ???Serial Killer Culture???. In 2016, ???Serial Killer Culture TV??? was released in March of 2017 as a follow up to the successful film, Serial Killer Culture. 2018 Marks the release of Borowski's fifth feature documentary film, Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia. Borowski is currently busy writing several feature narrative film screenplays, writing his next book, Panzram at Leavenworth, producing the second season of SKCTV and producing his next serial killer biography documentary film, ???Jesse Pomeroy: The Boston Boy Fiend???. Filmmaker site: johnborowski.com


Chad Savage is a dark artist/designer and the owner of Sinister Visions inc., a dark visual design company that caters to the horror, Halloween & haunted attraction industries. Besides providing branding, art and websites for hundreds of haunted houses around the world, he manages a series of genre websites including PumpkinCult.com and the DarkChicago.com series of sites, and is the Art & Marketing Director for Flashback Weekend and The Zombie Army.

Sinister Visions inc. is an official sponsor of Flashback Weekend, and will host/sponsor the Costume Contest on Saturday - details HERE!

To learn more about Chad Savage and his work, visit SinisterVisions.com.


Ron Fitzgerald (AKA Master Ron Fitzgerald) is an award-winning Actor, Gothic Illusionist and Host for dark, sticky fun! Fitzgerald has appeared as an actor in numerous feature films and has recently portrayed Dracula in "Dracula's Orgy of the Damned". Ron has just completed his own film project, which he co-wrote and co-produced, with director Vincent Bilancio, titled "Dark Realm" which combines his acting abilities with his Gothic illusion show.


Jim Sorfleet is the owner of SnS-Photo located in Chicago. Jim has been creating visually stimulating images professionally for over five years and his portrayals of the eerie and macabre has been described as disturbingly titillating.

His work has been featured in numerous gallery shows including those at Horrorbles in Berwyn and the 1901 Gallery in Chicago. He is an internationally published artist whose magazine credits include features and covers of Gothic Noir Magazine, Dark Parlour- Magazine and others. His work has graced the covers of fine novels such as Electric Angel by Author Sue Dent, Indiana Horror 2012 by James Ward Kirk and Train Gone Sorry by Melissa Skyer.

SnSPhoto (Jim Sorfleet) is the official event photographer for Flashback Weekend.
To find out more about Jim and SnS-Photo, visit his website at www.sns-photo.com.


Jon has written an amazing new Horror book "Discover the Horror: One Man's 50-Year Quest for Monsters, Maniacs, and the Meaning of it All"

While Jon Kitley continues to be a Cinematic Archeologist, he is also a staff writer for HorrorHound magazine, where you can read his Rondo Award-winning column, They Came from the Krypt. His work has also appeared in Evilspeak magazine, as well as in the books Horror 101: The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies, Hidden Horror, When Animals Attack, and Strange Blood. He has also appeared in several documentaries, such as Monster Madness: The Golden Age of the Horror Film, Monster Madness: The Gothic Revival of Horror, and Fanex Files: Hammer Films, as well as in Shout Factory's Horror Hunters! When not attending multiple horror conventions, 24-hour marathons, and hitting the dirve-ins, he is hard at work on his website, Kitley's Krypt, which has been helping fans Discover the Horror since 1998. Visit this amazing Horror News site at www.kitleyskrypt.com.

Discover the Horror

For over five decades, Jon Kitley has been on a never-ending quest to explore as much of the horror film genre as possible, from the early days of terror television to movie theaters and drive-ins, from the video explosion to the creation of his long-running website. Now, for the first time, fans of Kitley's Krypt can read how it all started (and continues to this day) as Jon shares his personal "tales from the road" experiences, having attended over a hundred horror movie conventions from coast-to-coast, as well as thoughts on different sub-genres, critics, reference books, and so much more. Plus, discover plenty of tips on how YOU can get the most out of your own journey into Monsters, Maniacs, and the Meaning of it All!

You may purchase the book HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: Alicia Witt has had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.

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