Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention

Flashback Weekend

Chicago Horror Con

August 2-4, 2024

Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago
Rosemont, IL

Celebrity Photo-Op Rules

These rules apply to the staged/ticketed photo-ops as outlined on this site. These rules DO NOT refer to photos taken with celebrities at their tables or during other events at the convention.

  • No more than two fans per photo.
  • You cannot take photos in the photo-op room with your own camera. Please no video either.
  • Each fan must have a Flashback Weekend ticket for that day to get into the photo line.
  • Additional prints are available for purchase from Flashback Weekend.
  • Downloadable digital files (JPGs) are available for purchase from Flashback Weekend.
  • Print/Downloadable digital file (JPGs) combos are available for purchase from Flashback Weekend.
  • Please do not bring gifts for the guest or items for the guest to autograph in the photo room.



FIRST! Read the ABOUT page.

Do all Celebrity Guests sign autographs for all 3 days?
Unless noted otherwise on the Celebrity Page or Schedule Page, yes, Celebrity Guests sign all 3 days.

When will [insert your favorite Celebrity Guest's name here] be signing autographs?
Unless noted otherwise on the Celebrity Page or Schedule Page, all Celebrity Guests sign autographs during open hours posted for "Dealer Room & Celebrity Signings".

I went to get [insert your favorite Celebrity Guest's name here] autograph and they weren't at their table. What gives?
Celebrity Guests are human beings. They have to go to the bathroom, eat, take a break, have a cigarette or attend their own panel discussions & Q&A's. Sometimes they don't feel well. Sometimes they get important phone calls. Expecting anybody to sit in one place for 9 solid hours without a break isn't realistic. Wait a while and check back.

Are there limits to the number of things I can have a Celebrity Guest sign?
Currently, no. This is one of those things that relies on everybody to use common sense and not try to take advantage. Having said that, if you bring a ridiculous number of things to sign that will clearly monopolize a Celebrity Guest's time, Flashback Weekend reserves the right to ask you to cut it out. If the lack of a signing limit gets consistently abused, a limit will be created and enforced.

Am I allowed to take photos?
Within reason, absolutely. Some events and functions may require that you put your cameras away,and certain Celebrity Guests may have specific reasons that they don't allow photography at their table, but for the most part, Flashback Weekend is a camera-friendly convention.
The best rule to follow: Just ask "Is it OK if I take a photo?"

[Insert your favorite Celebrity Guest's name here] will be across the street at another convention - can you get them to "sneak over" for a while?
That's really not how it works. Celebrity Guests are under contract with the convention that paid to fly them in and put them up, and are obligated to spend their time at the convention that brought them to Chicago. There is no "borrowing" - it's simply not done. So no, we can't get anybody to "sneak over".

Do all the events on the Schedule Page take place at the convention hotel?
Unless noted otherwise on the Schedule Page, yes, all events take place at the hotel.

If I bought a ticket for Sunday, can I get into an event on Friday?
(Mix & match days as necessary)
No. Your ticket entitles you to attend events that take place ON THAT DAY, just like any other event you buy a ticket for. You can't buy a theater ticket for a Thursday and use it to see a show on Monday, right?

Do Celebrity Guests charge for autographs?

Do Celebrity Guests charge for photos?
Depends on the Celebrity Guest - some do, some don't. There are also special photo ops that have an associated fee.

How much do the Celebrity Guests charge for autographs?
Celebrity Guests set their own pricing for their autographs, photosand merchandise, so we really don't have a way to tell you ahead of time. The best thing to do is talk to other people who have attended previous conventions to get a sense of who charges for what, and how much.

I want to meet a Celebrity Guest and get a photo with them, but I don’t want to spend any money on them. Can I just ask them for a photo with them without buying an autograph or merchandise from them?
If you want to meet a Celebrity Guest and get a photo with them, then you must support their appearance at Flashback by purchasing an autograph, photo or other merchandise from them.

I have a blog. I write reports for a website. Can I have a press pass to get into the convention for free and interview your Celebrity Guests at the convention?
Press passes are not available. Our convention is to provide the opportunity for fans to meet the Celebrity Guests. We receive hundreds of requests for press passes and interview requests for the guests. If we granted even a small portion of the press interview requests, the Celebrity Guests would have no time (or the energy) to meet fans.

That being said, if you have a proposal for high profile media exposure (TV, newspaper, magazine, DVD extras) please run it past us.

I want to go to Flashback Weekend, but I really want to get in for free. I...

  1. am friends with a celebrity guest
  2. am active on the local horror scene
  3. want a press pass

No free passes. Everyone needs to buy a ticket to get into Flashback Weekend. It is necessary to cover expenses and put on future events.

When will tickets go on sale? Can I buy tickets online?
As you can imagine, there are a LOT of details that have to be worked out to stage a convention like Flashback Weekend, all of which affect the ticket prices. Most of these details don't get worked out (for numerous reasons beyond FBW's control) until a month or so before the show, and at that point final prices for that given year can be set and tickets will go on sale on the website. We never know a specific date until we reach it; as soon as we're able, ticket will go on sale on the Tickets page and we'll announce it here on the website and on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Do you have to buy tickets for the whole weekend, or are there day passes?
You do NOT have to buy Weekend Passes; day passes are available at the door. Please refer to the Tickets page for details as they're available.

Is there a minimum age for tickets? Can kids get in to the convention free?
Children 6 and under can attend for free*. Children ages 7 to 10 can get discounted Day Passes for $10.00*.

*Applies to events and activities at the hotel; DOES NOT APPLY to screenings at the Muvico Theater - only those who hold full-price tickets may attend screenings due to limited seating availability.

Is there an additional charge for the movie screenings (or other events)? Do I have to buy tickets to anything once I've got my Flashback Weekend tickets?
All events and screenings are part of Flashback Weekend and there is no additional charge to attend them, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED OTHERWISE in the event description. If an event or screening description makes no mention of purchasing tickets, then that's because it's included with your Flashback Weekend Pass.

How will the seating for the movie screenings at the Muvico Theaters Rosemont 18 work?
For seating, the Ultimate ticket holders are seated first, then the Gold, then the weekend pass holders. Then Single Day convention ticket holders will be admitted on a first come, first seated basis. Seating is limited to theater seating capacity.

Where is the Muvico Rosemont 18 located?
The Muvico Theaters are located just north of the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare on the other side of the parking garage. A very short walk. Located in Rosemont off of River Road and 294, the Muvico Rosemont 18 features elegant stadium seating, state of the art Sony 4K digital projection,and Bogart’s; a full service bar and restaurant.www.muvico.com.

What's the parking situation like?
The Crowne Plaza has parking for the hotel, but they do charge for it per day. Contact them directly for more information.

Why does Flashback Weekend put on conventions?
Flashback Weekend exists to support the preservation of the Midway Drive-In theater (located in Dixon, IL), and any net proceeds from our convention go to repair, upgrade, costs of operations, and horror film fest programming at the Midway Drive-In.  We are dedicated to the preservation of the institution of the American Drive-In Theater, and we are proud to support the theatrical film industry by showing first-run films and classic horror films and paying film rentals and royalties back to the film makers and film studios.  Visit www.themidwaydrivein.net for more info on the Midway Drive-In.

A lot of people try to answer my questions on Twitter and Facebook - whose answers are "official"?

Who manages these accounts?
Chad Savage / Sinister Visions inc. manages Flashback Weekend's online presence - this website, Twitter account, Facebook Fan Page, etc. Convention owner Mike Kerz also participates in the discussions on Facebook (as "Flashback Weekend").

More Q & A's will be answered as we come across them. Answers are subject to change without notice. The information on this page is meant for general information only, and can't possibly account for all possible situations and scenarios.